Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nail of the Day: Nicole by Opi "A Gold Winter's Night"

Hi!!! I'm so excited to finally be launching this blog! It's going to be your one stop shop for all beauty and fashion related things from swatches, to outfit of the days, and just like this post... nail of the days! To start off this fantabulous blog, I thought I would get a head start on the holiday nail trends. This first polish is from Nicole by OPI's Kardashian Holiday Kollection. I hate to admit it, but I actually love the Kardashian's and I also really like that Nicole by OPI is a little bit less expensive than regular OPI so I had to check the collection out. It consits of 3 glitter nail polishes (I want all 3) and 3 shimmery ones. I probably will just restrict myself to the glitters, because I'm pretty sure the shimmery polishes are all pretty dupe-able. The polish I'm going to be talking about today is one of the glitters and I absolutely LOVE it! It is called "A Gold Winter's Night", and it is a GORGEOUS rose gold confetti like polish with mixes of green confetti.

Natural Light, 3 Coats

Natural Light

Please ignore my hangnails (dry weather kills me!), but I think this is such an amazing color! Some people might paint a nude color underneath for more opacity, but believe or not, it doesn't really need one! 3 coats of this baby and you are set! If you don't want to go all glitzed out on every finger like I did, I think this would be a great color for a pop of sparkle on your ring finger, or maybe even using this for gold tips! So that's it! I may be launching a youtube channel soon, so watch out for that, and I hope you enjoyed my first NOTD post! Stay Cute!

Final Closeups: