Sunday, December 2, 2012

Update and Blogmas Day 1!

Hi gals, I know I haven't posted in awhile but I have a good quality explanation!! I can't find my camera... I know there are a lot of blog posts I can do without pictures, but I want to provide you with the most high quality blog posts possible and I feel like pictures just make the blog post more... classy :). Hopefully I will find it soon, and be back to my usual posts. So you may see in the title, that I will be starting Blogmas which is where every other day I will be posting a new blog post on this blog (say that 10 times fast!). Yesterday I felt a little under the weather, so that was my skip day, and for today's post, since I still don't have my camera :(, I'm going to do my current favorite pins on Pinterest!!! If you don't know what Pinterest is, it's pretty much a website where people share or "pin" photos that they like or other people may like to their "board". There's lots of different categories like Women's Fashion, Gardening, Film, DIYs, and Hair and Beauty (the last two are my most visited sections!). Bottom line, Pinterest is basically the best website in the entire universe... no joke. SO, enough intro-ing let's get into my favorite pins of the moment!

My first pin is a recipe that I found the other day, and made it that night when my friends came over.

Guys, I made this in a bout ten minutes and it was AMAZING. I felt like I was eating a legit brownie but it was all for me! Just to warn you though, once you are done the mug is a huge pain to clean so be ready to scrub. 

This next pin, I did last weekend when I needed to paint my nails and it turned out great. I used OPI's Danke Shiny Red and Nicole by OPI's A Gold Winter's Night to do this look.

You start by doing one coat of the base polish and letting that dry, followed by a coat of some kind of glitter and another coat of the base color. Mine didn't turn out exactly like the picture, but pretty darn close and it looked great!

This pin was one of my fashion inspirations for the month because I've been loving my denim button down shirt. This look is perfect for fall and I love the chill yet chicness of the outfit. I also really love the boots!

Another pin I've been loving (more for the concept than the workout!) is the Dance Moms Workout Game! I know Dance Moms is off season right now but I literally watch a rerun everyday and this is a good way to get my workout in. It also makes you realize how trashy the show is but I can't help it, I'm obsessed!!

This final pin is a quote that I've been trying to apply to my life and I just think it's a great quote to live by. 

So that's it for that Blogmas post! I hope you liked it and keep your fingers crossed that I find my camera!! Love you guys! Do you have a Pinterest? 


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